Mastitis In Dogs: Symptoms & Treatment of Breast Infection in Canines

Mastitis is a rare ailment that affects female dogs that had just given birth and have lactating pups. Once it affects the dog, it is best to treat them immediately to prevent spread of infection in the little pups. If left untreated, it could also lead to complications.

Mastitis in Dogs

  • Mastitis (breast infection) is a bacterial infection affecting the teats of a lactating bitch.
  • It is caused by an infection that starts from the teat opening.
  • Other causes include infection spread through the blood as well as trauma from the nursing pups.
  • It affects older dams more than younger ones. It also affects dogs with short legs more than those with longer legs.
  • Sometimes, male dogs could be affected by the ailment.

Mastitis Symptoms in Dogs

  • Swelling in the mammary glands.
  • Cracked mammary glands.
  • Redness of the teats.
  • Discolored milk.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Lethargy.
  • Painful mammary glands – yelping when teats are touched or when the pups suck on them.
  • Fever or illnesses in some of the pups.
  • Fever in the dam.

Mastitis in Dogs Treatment

  • Systemic antibiotic treatment is administered to dogs with mastitis. The sooner the treatment is given, the higher the chances of the ailment healing faster.
  • It would also help to apply warm compress on the affected area.
  • If possible, ensure that the pups do not touch or suckle on the affected area.
  • Swollen glands or those chronically affected by the ailment may have to be surgically removed.

How to Prevent Mastitis in Dogs

  • Keep the dog and her home and breeding area clean and dry at all times.
  • Always keep track of the dam’s health – especially the teats when she is lactating. Any sign of ailment should be referred to a vet.

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