Natural Laxatives For Dogs: Constipation Treatment and Home Remedies

Dogs with constipation and having trouble passing stool will need laxatives. There are medications readily available at the vet’s clinic. However, it might be cheaper to use natural laxatives.

Natural Laxatives for Dogs

  • Natural laxatives are an excellent option to provide treatment for constipation in dogs. Not only are these natural laxatives effective, they also come much cheaper than medication.
  • What is so good about natural laxatives is that they appear to have no side effects. Also, the dog is less likely to experience an overdose as compared to commercial medications.
  • A few teaspoons of canned pumpkin just might cure the dog. Of course, larger dogs will require more of the canned pumpkin than smaller dogs. Make sure to add the canned pumpkin to the dog’s regular food so that he’d eat the pumpkin.
  • It is also possible to use olive oil to help solve a constipation problem. Mineral oil could also be used but olive oil is preferred.
  • Another nice option is bran cereal incorporated into the dog’s diet.
  • It would be alright to give the dog milk to take care of the constipation problem.
  • Of course, exercise is among the best natural laxatives. Make sure to exercise the dog. If exercise can be incorporated into his daily routine, the better.

Natural Laxatives for Dogs Milk

  • Milk is thought to be one of the food items that should not be given to dogs. Milk can cause diarrhea and other complications.
  • However, if the dog needs something to help his constipation, milk could be a good option.

Natural Laxatives for Dogs Pumpkin

  • Canned pumpkin is considered to be the fastest and most effective natural laxatives for dogs.

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