Signs Of False Pregnancy (Pseudocyesis) In Dogs: How Long Does It Last

Owners are always delighted to find out that their female dog is beginning to show signs of pregnancy. Imagine the frustration when they find out that what actually occurred is a false pregnancy and that the dog isn’t pregnant at all.

False Pregnancy In Dogs

  • False pregnancy can also be called pseudocyesis.
  • In false pregnancy, the dog is tricked into thinking it is pregnant.
  • All of the symptoms of being pregnant are present, except the puppies.

Signs of False Pregnancy in Dogs

  • The dog shows signs of nesting
  • The dog beings mother inanimate objects
  • The dog mothers puppies of other dogs
  • The mammary glands swell and produce milk
  • The abdomen becomes enlarged
  • The dog can even appear to be in labor
  • “Pregnancy” occurred even without having been mated
  • “Pregnancy” occurred after a long interval of having been mated.

How Long Does False Pregnancy Last in Dogs?

  • The signs of false pregnancy usual being around four weeks after estrus.
  • The signs continue to show and develop for a continued number of weeks and subside on its own usually around two to three weeks.
  • Dogs that have experienced a false pregnancy are at high risk of developing it again.

False Pregnancy in Dogs Treatment

Treatment is aimed at decreasing the dog’s discomfort:

  • Prevent further lactation by preventing the dog from licking her mammary glands. Use of an Elizabethan collar may be necessitated.
  • Diuretics and water deprivation may be done to decrease milk production but this should not be done without the presence of a vet or specific instructions from the vet.
  • Hormonal medications may be administered.

Spaying may be considered for dogs with repeated false pregnancy experiences.

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Pregnancy in Cats

A trip to the vet may also be necessary to help pinpoint a specific due date and to help keep a cat healthy.

Pregnant Cat Stages

A cat’s pregnancy is going to last between 61 to 69 days. That would be somewhere between 9 to 10 weeks.

  • First trimester –  first 3 weeks of pregnancy
  • Second trimester ??” second 3 weeks of pregnancy
  • Third Trimesters – last trimester 3 weeks of pregnancy

Owners will most likely start to notice symptoms of pregnancy at around the second trimester.

Pregnant Cat Care

  • Proper Nutrition ??” Cats need to given the proper nutrition when they are pregnant. This includes an increase in dietary intake of calcium and other minerals and vitamins.
  • Supplementation ??” Cats are going to need supplements. Vets will be able to provide owners prescription for supplements.
  • Rest ??” Pregnant cats are going to need enough rest, especially during the third trimester of the pregnancy.

Confirming Cat Pregnancy

  • More often than not, an owner will not know if a cat is pregnant till she starts showing the symptoms of pregnancy.
  • There are two ways to confirm if a cat is pregnant or not.
  • The first one is to wait until the pregnancy progresses and wait for further symptoms of pregnancy
  • The second way would be to visit the vet.
  • The vet can provide the different tests that confirm pregnancy (e.g. ultrasound)

Pregnancy Symptoms Owners Should Look Out For

  • Nipple Enlargement and Color Change
  • Increased sleep
  • Decreased interest in male cats
  • Changes in activity ??” cats that used to spend a lot of time outside will most likely want to spend more time at home.
  • Increased appetite, these are some of pregnancy symptoms.

It is important to remember that cats can have false pregnancies. So it is important to go to a vet to confirm things.

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