How to Discover Deafness in Labradors? Find Symptoms and Treatment

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  • Deafness in Labrador Retrievers is an inherited disease that rarely affects the lab breed when young. When it does occur, it is due to degeneration of the sensory neurons in the ear.
  • Inherited deafness in dogs cannot be rectified or improved with surgery or hearing devices that are special made for pets.
  • Causes of deafness may also be a result of injury, recurrent ear infections, the strong antibiotics used to treat those pesky infections, or abnormal structure of either the ear drum or the outer ear.


  • This┬ácan be missed if you are not extra observant.
  • A dog may sleep through and not respond to your calling him.
  • Sometimes you may notice that the dog turns to the opposite direction when you beckon him.
  • The poor pup may incessantly and instinctively scratch at his ears or fuss with them. He knows that something is not right.
  • If you notice that your dog does not respond to you unless you are staring him right in the face or you are in clear view of him, he may have hearing deficits or deafness. Also read training techniques dog leash aggression


  • Deaf dogs need extra protection since they can’t hear warnings or alerts.
  • They can also wander easily. Place a loud bell around the dogs collar so you can keep track of his whereabouts. He will not be able to hear you but you will be able to locate him very easily if he slips away.
  • Deaf dogs should always be on a leash, run, or a totally enclosed yard.
  • Exercise should remain a part of every day. Visit familiar areas to decrease the anxiety your pet may be feeling due to his hearing loss.

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