Causes and Signs of Ear Infection in Labrador: How Do I Treat

Reasons For Ear Infection in Labs

  • One of the common causes of ear infection in Labradors is an infestation of ear mites. They can’t be seen without a microscope.
  • Dogs that swim a lot or spend a lot of time in water are prone to ear infections because of water buildup.
  • Too much milk and dairy products can cause frequent ear infections in Labrador retrievers.
  • Ear infections can also be caused by excessive wax build up in the ears.


  • If your dog is shaking his head constantly or pawing and scratching at his ears, he may have an ear infection brewing.
  • The ear will be very red, inflamed, and a foul odor may be present. There may be drainage.
  • There may be signs of pain and discomfort.


  • Keep hair inside the ears trimmed short to prevent bacteria or yeast build up.
  • To prevent ear infections, clean ears once or twice a month, regularly. A couple drops of peroxide in the ear may help to loosen up secretions and ear wax buildup. Also read home remedies for itchy ears
  • A home remedy for ear infections is to use apple cider vinegar to fill the ear canal. Massage gently to break up any debris in there. The dog will shake out the excess instinctively. Wipe ears dry.
  • For full blown infections in progress, add 4 tablespoons of boric acid to a bottle of alcohol. If the dogs ears have any open ares from scratching, use witch hazel instead. The alcohol would sting too much.
  • Add 15-16 drops of crystal violet or tea tree oil. Shake the mixture thoroughly before each use.
  • Start with filling the ear canal with the solution twice a day for a couple weeks, then once a day for a couple weeks.
  • Continue to use the solution once a month as a prophylactic measure. The crystal violet and tea tree oil are antiinfective as well as antifungal.
  • Vitamin C has natural antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties Supplement your dogs food daily.
  • Warm cod liver oil may provide pain relieve by decreasing inflammation.
  • A warm compress or heating pad may be applied for pain relief and facilitate drainage.

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