Lumps in Labs: Causes and Treatments for Fatty Lumps in Labs Labradors

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Causes of Lumps in Labradors
  • Lumps in Labradors can be typical, especially in our geriatric pets. A lump scares pet owners because they think it must be cancer. This is not usually the case.
  • Lumps can occur for many reasons on dogs. The bump or lump may be a cyst, an abscess or simply hives in response to some allergen the dog was exposed to.
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Symptoms of Fatty Lumps in Labradors

  • Symptoms to watch for in lumps or growths on the dogs body are pretty much common sense.
  • Any lump that increases in size, is firmly attached and immovable, starts to drain, or causes pain to your pet, should be evaluated right away. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. Keep a good eye on any significant changes, but don’t fret about it.
  • It may help to ease your mind to know that the majority of lumps that are seen in dogs are simply fatty deposits under the skin.

Treatments and Home Remedies for Lumps in Labradors

  • Be observant when you pet or groom your dog.
    Take notice of any new lumps. If the lump grows or has other apparent changes, seek professional advice for an evaluation.
  • If a lump needs to be removed because it is interfering with your dogs comfort or limiting his ability to move around freely, keep the site clean and free of infection.
  • Echinacea and chamomile are natural antibiotics and will assist in the healing process.
  • As a treatment and home remedy for lumps in Labradors, make your pets food a high priority.
  • Cook fresh lean meats for protein and supply plenty of raw or cooked vegetables to help keep your pooch healthy for a long, long time.
  • It is true that a poor diet can contribute to the body’s breakdown over time.

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