Tumors in Labrador Retrievers: Symptoms, Natural Treatment for Lipomas

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Causes of Tumors in Labrador Retrievers

  • Labs tend to be prone to fatty tumors or lipomas.
  • Poor nutrition throughout life can contribute to tumors in Labs.

Symptoms of Tumors in Labrador Retrievers

  • A decreased appetite may be present in dogs with tumors.
  • Lethargy can be apparent.
    The dog may tire easily.
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Treatment and Home Remedies for Tumors in Labrador Retrievers

  • You must get nourishment into your pet. He needs proteins, fats, and low carbohydrates.
  • Try giving more pungent foods like tuna fish and sardines to tease the appetite. Warm foods help too. The aroma may spark the appetite more.
  • Use broth and sports drinks to hydrate your pet.
  • Baby food meats are excellent to give a dog with a poor appetite. Meats are excellent protein and build muscle.
  • Many of the nutrients the dog needs are missing in the economical brands.
    Dogs need to have some  of the good bacteria present that naturally lives in the intestines. Probiotics are an excellent addition to your dogs meals.
  • Treatmentinvolves adding specific nutrients and minerals to your dogs diet regularly.
  • Get away from dry food as a routine diet for your dog. There is proof that these foods can literally dehydrate the dog over time.
  • Add the good fatty acids from the Omega 3 oils, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and the trace vitamins required to prevent medical problems later in life.
  • Cut down on carbohydrates and other sugar products for your pet. Carbs break down into sugars. Cancer cells will feed off of sugar and it will accelerate the cells growth.
  • It is thought that if lumps are taken out with surgery when they are little, it will prevent tumors from growing.
  • Surgery is not indicated for removing fatty tumors unless the tumor is in a spot that causes extreme irritation to the dog, such as the armpits or on the breastbone where it is constantly rubbed by getting up or laying down.

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